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the quietest chambers.  The mind can never break off from the journey.  

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VietNAM ADVENTURE, experience



The The 4 Best Waterfalls of Dalat, Vietnam


The gorgeous area of Dalat, Vietnam offers more than a dozen beautiful and poetic waterfalls.



PERU, ADVENTURE, experience



The Most Unusual Fun Thing to Do in Cusco, Peru


Have you ever heard of a cemetery that will cheer you up and put you in a mood to celebrate life? That’s exactly what you’ll find at Almudena Cemetery.





Deep Cultural Benefits of Tour Group Travel


Organized group travel is presented as a second-class experience in a lot of travel writing, but we disagree.



PERU, Machu Picchu



7 Things at Machu Picchu, That You Don't Want to Miss


Most visitors miss a few really cool things to do around Machu Picchu, Peru – beyond the main ruins.  We learned this lesson the hard way.  



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The Hottest New Resort in South Florida... 


You should definitely consider the new Margaritaville Beach Resort in Hollywood, FL if you’re visiting the Miami area. 



PERU, food, drinks



The Top 7 Peruvian Dishes and Drinks You Must Try


Peruvian food is jam-packed with fresh taste opportunities, and you won’t want to miss any of them. Check out our top recommendations...


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Come for the Food, Stay for the Golf, Spa and...


The Sunday champagne brunch at the Biltmore hotel is a living legend on the Miami food scene. 






Peru's Best Kept Secret



Machu Picchu, was definitely the high point of our trip to Peru but...




PERU, food, tradition



Celebrate Your Trip to Machu Picchu with a Guinea Pig Feast


Roast guinea pig is a delicacy of Peruvian food. It is the customary meal to celebrate special occasions...






How We Saved $2038 On Vacation!


That’s right, we saved $2038 on our 5-day trip to Los Angeles, and you can do it too! 







Save Thousands of Dollars with ONE Simple Tip!


Over just the last 3 years, we have saved well over $10,000 on amazing adventures by using one super simple trick. 






Swimming with Sharks - Thrills & Spirituality


We swam with Bull sharks, in the ocean, with no cage. It was one of the most thrilling experiences of our lives. 



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