Inspiration is the Key


Traveling around the world is not just vacations full of experiences and memories... it is way of life! Of course wherever you go you will find different cultures and different ways of living, but sometimes there are things that whisper deeply in your heart and you get excited without knowing why.... this is what inspires you to

live your life to the fullest!



Inspiration is the Fuel of Life. 


The word inspiration means to be in spirit. When you’re tuned into your spirit, you are naturally drawn to do whatever feels best.

You may do things that aren’t outwardly productive. Or you may want live an adventure to feel alive.... Either way, it’s all good

because fulfillment is the end result.



Swimming with Sharks


We totally recommend the thrill of free diving with sharks, but not for the reasons you might guess. Sure it’s a great time, but we also seek out adrenaline-pumping thrills to expand our minds. We find that the uber-intensity of the thrill forces our minds to achieve higher levels awareness and aliveness than can reached in daily lives.



Whale Watching Cruise


These types of nature experiences don’t come with any guarantees. We wanted to see a humpback whale so badly. We were lucky to see 3 humpback whales. And dozens of Sea Lions. And, as if that weren’t enough, on the way back dozens of dolphins swam along our boat. We were in the bow and right on top of them as they jumped and played alongside us. 



Exploring Machu Picchu


You definitely don’t want to miss some great experiences that you “could have had”. Most visitors miss a few really cool things to do around Machu Picchu, Peru – beyond the main ruins. Since you came all this way, you can make your dream vacation even better by taking advantage of these fun things to do around Machu Picchu 




Adventures awaits 


There's always time to get your adventure. The only thing you need is decisiveness, longs for new experiences,

readiness to face new challenges  and.... inspiration!   




Stay tuned


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